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Welcome everybody!
We would like to invite you to take part in a wonderful adventure! Thanks to its geography, Poland is a kayaking paradise. Over 600 kayakable rivers full of enough diversity and variety to meet all tastes and exceptions.
We will organise the trip from A to Z. Our web portal: Wyprawsie.pl, is Poland’s largest base of kayaking information. It includes description of routes, maps and tourism companies. Our experience in building this portal gave as an all-Polish network of partners, which allows us to provide complex support of kayaking trips.

What we offer:

  • assistance in selecting the suitable river and determining the duration and specifying the character of the trip;
  • calculation of the overall costs of the trip;
  • support of your coming to Poland;
  • insurance for the time of the trip;
  • transport from your place of arrival to the starting point of the trip;
  • an accommodation depending on the specificity of the trip (camping, hotel, farm tourism);
  • suitable equipment (waterproof covers /sacks, life-jackets, tents, sleeping bags);
  • arranging for meals on the route of the trip;
  • renting out kayaks;
  • organisation of additional attractions (sightseeing, wedding, diving, horseback riding); and
  • many other things. We are very flexible and will be happy to take up any new challenge;
  • on request, we will provide a guide speaking the language of the participants.

A dense network of partners allows us to organise a paddling trip in any river of your choice.

Our expedition


How to join our trip

It’s very easy! Write to us at mailto:kontakt@wyprawsie.pl or send us a message on our Facebook page. Write to us when and for how long you want to come, and how large your group is, and we will prepare a convenient plan of your trip including full calculation of the costs. Then we will establish what is the easiest way for you to come to Poland and let’s get it started!

How to pay

Once all terms are agreed, we will send you an e-mail confirming the agreed details and a link allowing an option of paying via PAYPAL so that you can pay for the trip with credit card or by wire transfer.

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